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Congratulations and Welcome

This could be the best few minutes you've spent in a long time.

Yes, it's completely true, you could get married for less than 300 bucks, or your wedding ceremony could cost you thousands. But how do you start the process, what do you need to do the get the ball rolling?

The "Welcome to your wedding" ebook is a step-by-step guide to all the things you NEED to know about getting married in Australia.


Not just FREE free, but also OBLIGATION free

The "Welcome to your wedding" ebook is a simple plain English guide to all the things you need to know, such as providing ID, waiting time, and the first steps of the "paperwork trail" you must take. In short EVERYTHING you need to know before getting married in Australia.

Did I mention IT'S FREE?

(and here's why...)

I'm a registered celebrant based in Melbourne but travel anywhere and have officiated a large number of weddings over the years, I'm also a mentor to other celebrants and I am the one others turn to for advice.


So it was a logical step forward to create this eBook for couples who are about to embark on this journey of a lifetime together, just to make the whole "Getting Married" process a little easier. 


And on the subject of making life easier, simply fill in your details below and you'll have your own copy emailed straight to your inbox. 

Order your eBook NOW

Welcome to your wedding.


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