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Finding the right Celebrant

Your wedding is very personal, don’t you think? It's the one day in your life all about you and your beloved, a day to reflect who you are as a couple. Unless you prefer to do it cookie-cutter style and simply hire a celebrant to say “Do you, so-and-so, take this person to be your lawfully wedded husband/wife, blah blah blah…” Zzzzzzzz.

Ever thought about creating your own ceremony? Find a celebrant able to help you make the day uniquely yours.

As a celebrant, I feel it’s very important to sit down with the couple and get to know each other. Over a cup of coffee (my shout), we can start the journey of crafting a bespoke ceremony. Together we will work on the details of the big day. A good celebrant should offer guidance every step of the way.

You could go for a long and lavish ceremony, with stories and rituals. Or if you insist, short and sweet for a more intimate affair or maybe just a quickie with just the legals, so you can get on with the honeymoon!

Whatever it is, you need a celebrant. Without a marriage celebrant, it’s not a wedding. It’s just a party.

Ask your celebrant what is included in the fees and what are extras. This could differ considerably from one celebrant to the next. Check out my video “What do I get for my money?” on my YouTube Channel, Facebook and website videos.

Can the celebrant start the paperwork on your first meeting? This is important if you plan to get married soonest possible. From the time you start the paperwork, there’s a minimum waiting period of one calendar month before you can legally get married.

While you’re having coffee on our first meeting, I can complete and print out your Notice of Intended Marriage on the spot for you to sign. It’s a thrill, believe me.

The celebrant should also help you structure your wedding ceremony, work on a theme, your personal speakers and other special touches. Do you need help with writing your vows? Does the celebrant offer unlimited assistance on the phone or email? Is there an extra charge for rehearsal? Does the celebrant provide a signing table and chairs and even a marquee if necessary?

One more thing, find out how long it will take the celebrant to lodge your paperwork. Is it done online? What about a hard copy? This is important if you’re in a hurry for visa or immigration purposes.

So there you go, some pointers on how to find the right celebrant for you. If you have questions, feel free to drop me a line. I am Steve, at your service.

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