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How much does a marriage celebrant cost?

Fees vary from one celebrant to another and ranges from a few hundred dollars to well over a thousand dollars. it all varies not only between celebrants but what is included within your ceremony.

I've heard people ask "Why does it cost so much for just 20 minutes of work"? Well, for starters, all the work involved in making your day the best experience ever takes a lot longer than 20 mins.

Apart from all the legal paperwork, there are various factors to consider. Are you getting married on a weekday, weekend, or a public holiday? Where is the ceremony being held? Does it require much travelling? What is involved in the ceremony? And you will need a sound system so your multitude of guests can hear the ceremony and any music.

The next question I always get is "What do we get for our money"?

Typically, pre-COVID, would meet with my couple for a few hours or so in a coffee shop just to get to know you and for you to feel comfortable with me. If we click, we can start with the first part of the legal paperwork. We would complete the Notice of Intended Marriage and print it on the spot with my portable printer, a month later you could be married.

As we continue to chat over coffee, you can outline the kind of ceremony you want and tell me your love stories so I can create the wording for your ceremony. You might have some specific ideas, rituals or a theme in mind. Although I officiate civil wedding ceremonies, as an ordained minister, I can include non-denominational religious elements within your ceremony.

Get to know each other over a coffee or two

I might quote you, anywhere between $295 for a "Quickie" and up to $990 for a "Long & Lavish", no mater what you decide it's a total package that includes all legal paperwork, creating and delivering the ceremony. (Checkout the 'cost' page for more details.)

The "Long and Lavish" however also includes “Order of Service” booklets for your guests, a hand bound copy of your ceremony plus rehearsal and travel up to 100kms.

If necessary I will also research on your behalf to see if you need a permit from the local council (if you want to get married in a public park, for instance). In all but the "Quickie", I will also order you the official marriage certificate from BDM when I register your marriage, this saves a lot of time and effort on your part.

Between our meeting and the wedding, I will be in regular contact by email and phone. This is to make sure I have the correct details to create your unique ceremony and get your story right. You can make changes to the draft. I will re-write as many times as it takes to get it just right.

With the "Long & Lavish", we’ll do a rehearsal within a week prior to the ceremony so everyone involved knows what to expect.

Signing Table and Chairs are a MUST HAVE item

Finally, the day comes. I arrive an hour early to set up the signing table and chairs that I've provided, make sure the sound system works and greet your guests as they arrive.

By the time your ceremony is done I would have spent well over 40 hours in meetings, emails and phone calls in creating a personal and memorable ceremony. When I get home afterwards, it's another hour to finalize the legal paperwork.

Most celebrants don’t have fixed fees, but I provide 3 different packages to fit your wants, needs and budget. Feel free to check them out (

It’s easy to find a celebrant. But to find one who works with you every step of the way to achieve what you want. That’s priceless.

Based on a blog first posted in July 2018

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