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"I have always loved weddings, even as a little kid..."

Your wedding is not only a relationship between you and your partner BUT your Celebrant as well, find out more...

Well this is it BLOG TIME. This is my very first time at creating a blog and I’ve been told it’s like keeping a diary, only a lot more public. They tell me “the blog world is a crowded place, so let your readers know WHO you are and WHAT you’re about.” so here goes.

"I've always loved weddings...

...and yes, that's me as a page boy.”

Ever since I was a kid I’ve always loved weddings, I wanted to become a priest so I could bless the happy couple. Then again, I’ve also wanted to be an astronaut, a rock star, a train driver, an explorer, a fire fighter… I didn’t get anywhere near any of these.

But I did become a marriage celebrant (after doing many other things - but that’s for another time).

There’s so much I love and enjoy about being a celebrant. Few jobs in the world ensure you always end up in a happy place. And weddings are undoubtedly the happiest event in anyone's life.

Two people, excited, nervous, look into each other’s eyes and vow to love and share their lives from now on. So much emotions, so much promise, a day they’ll always remember. And I play a main part in making it happen. I love it!

Every wedding is special and unique and as part of that uniqueness, I want to give people the wedding of a lifetime. I like to think I’m friendly and engaging, I DO have a genuine interest in people and I’m motivated out of a passion for helping others and a love of weddings, and yes, that it me as a page boy aged around five.....Cute eh!

Mission Statement! why not....?

In an interview with ‘Saturday Magazine’ on JOY fm, I made the following statement:

“Over the last 13 years I’ve been instrumental in bringing about marriage equality and I provide exceptional service to all clients".

“With your wedding, nothing would give me as much pleasure than to let me tell your story, to create memorable, personalised, bespoke ceremonies that are different from any other, I know happiness is infectious, so let’s get happy together ”

“So, let’s go on a date, grab a coffee, get to know each other and who knows, it might be the start of the perfect wedding.”

How did I get here?

“A trip to Canberra.”

In 2004 as John Howard was changing to law to exclude same sex marriage, My company, Kingwest Productions funded and made a series of television ad's and I took around 200 copies of the four ads on VHS (remember those things?) and took a trip to Canberra just prior to the amendment to the Marriage Act.

It was there I met Rodney Croombe and the pair of us hunted down every PM and presented each member with a copy of the ads. But, as we all know, their minds were already closed.

As a strong advocate for marriage equality and spurred on by a personal dislike of in-equality, with the changes in the law, I have now become a Commonwealth Registered Civil Celebrate specializing in equality marriage ceremonies.

This was first published in June 2018 and has been transferred from my original blog pages

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