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Civil Ceremony Celebrant

Your Wedding, Your Way -- With a Civil Celebrant.

Do you have specific plans and dreams for your wedding that are outside the confines of a church? I’m a civil celebrant who can help you make your wedding dreams come true. If you have special considerations that need to be addressed, or wishes for your ceremony that you think are out of reach, or if you simply want to hand the planning of your wedding off to a celebrant who does weddings all the time, I can help fulfil any of those needs.


If you need a civil celebrant contact me today to discuss your plans for your wedding and how my services can help you. I’m a perfectionist with an eye for detail and a big heart. I love seeing happy couples commit to each other, and I enjoy making dreams come true at events that will last forever in the memories of all those who attend.

Your wedding should be a reflection of who you are as a couple. If you want to keep it simple yet elegant it can be scaled down to just the legalities, we call that “Short & Sweet”. If you want a big she-bang (“Long & Lavish”) with all the extras, and even a few more you think of at the last minute, I can help you plan and execute that level of celebration as well.


Call me today. Let’s have a chat over coffee to see what I can do for you. I look forward to meeting you and your partner and combining your personalities and dreams into a unified event that honours your love for each other.

Bride & Groom 1st dance
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