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Funerals and Memorials

The role of a celebrant is just one aspect of the service I offer. When it comes to the end of life, families find comfort in the knowledge that I'm also an end-of-life doula.


If you are unsure of what that means, an end-of-life doula is a support person who provides non-judgmental, non-medical holistic support to those nearing the end of life.


An end-of-life doula also typically offers support to the friends and family of the elderly, dying, or recently dead. An end-of-life doula educates and empowers individuals to make decisions on their own end-of-life care and final burial or funeral.

The topic of death is something the majority of people today try to avoid, refuse to discuss, and attempt not to think about. That in itself can cause major problems when the time comes.


To help those who are getting closer to the end of their life, I've created an invaluable asset to help you get your affairs in order. "Final Wishes" is designed to express your wishes for what you want to happen before, during, and after your death.

If you'd like to know more, click on this link, which will take you to more specialised pages.


Some trusted funeral directors I have worked with.

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