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 I have a question for you...

How far would you go for your dream wedding?


A beautiful beach with soft white sand? A botanical garden with strange and exotic plants? Maybe a tropical rainforest with plenty of sunshine?


Imagine if you could have any of these, plus your pick of first-rate photographers, videographers, hair and makeup artists, flowers, and wedding cake specialists, not to mention top-class reception venues who can provide just about anything you want.


Add to this a Celebrant who is legally authorised to perform your wedding ceremony anywhere you have dreamed about, a Celebrant that will complete all the legalities following the wedding, so all you need to do is register it with your local authorities when you get home.

To complete the whole package, we can livestream your wedding back home, (conditions and some location restrictions may apply) so nobody misses out on the fun and excitement.


This can be your dream come true. It’s your fairy-tale waiting to happen on YOUR DAY, YOUR WAY. 

As the world more or less reduces the effects of COVID and the airlines have resumed international travel, you can start to plan for the destination wedding of a lifetime.

Read on to find out more or if you prefer to watch the video version, click below.

Destination Weddings Post COVID HD
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Marriage Celebrants are registered and licensed by the Australian Attorney General

Unlike some countries, Australia is one of the few places where registered Marriage Celebrants are licensed by the Attorney General’s Department to perform legal weddings anywhere on Australian territory: on land, on the sea, even in the air.


As a Celebrant it’s my responsibility to complete all the legal paperwork before the wedding ceremony and make sure that your marriage is registered with the relevant Australian authorities after the ceremony.


Why does Australia allow this?  The answer is simple: it reduces the bottleneck and strain on various government departments. Each Celebrant must enrol in a certified course, pass the examination and undertake continuous training for the license to be valid.


We must also be up to date on any changes in the legal aspects of marriage to make sure we are qualified to conduct weddings. This is the kind of celebrant you want, right?

Where in Australia would you like to get married?

Australia is a very big country and I’m based in Melbourne in the state of Victoria. It’s easy to get to from Europe, India, Asia and the US. There are many beautiful beaches around Melbourne and if you feel like a drive an hour or two north, south, east or west of the city, you have even more choices.

Beach, Lighthouse, Scenic view, Safari Park, Stately House

Quiet beaches, lighthouses, scenic landscapes, towering gumtrees, even a safari park or stately home, the choices are endless.


Did you know that Melbourne’s weather is similar to southern Europe? Summer is generally warm but not too hot. Be aware though, like the rest of the planet, our climate is changing and from January to March the temperature could get uncomfortable at times. Just in case.

Four steps to tying the knot in Australia

If you want to tie the knot in Australia, follow my list.

  1. Find your Celebrant. It’s the first place to start and I hope it’s me!

  2. I will help you complete the Notice of Intended Marriage which must be lodged with me at least a month before your intended wedding date and no longer than 18 months beforehand. Yes, this can all be done while you are still overseas; I will guide you through it.

  3. You must be a minimum of 18 years old. I will ask to view some ID such as a valid passport, driver's licence and birth certificate. If you have been previously married you will need to supply evidence that you are free to marry such as divorce papers. We can use Skype, Facetime or Messenger to get the ball rolling.

  4. All the other paperwork will be completed just before and during your wedding so it’s not a problem for you to arrive a day or two before your wedding day and then head straight off on your honeymoon.


Please be aware that although same-sex marriages are legal in Australia, some countries may not recognise same-sex relationships, let alone marriage.

Indian Same Sex wedding
Same sex couple getting married
Same Sex couple just married

I’m happy to guide you through every step of the way, provide you with information on wedding professionals, venues, and anything else to make your dream wedding totally stress-free.  


So feel free to ask any questions and if you live overseas, my special email address is

I’m an Authorised Celebrant and an Ordained Minister.  As such I can officiate marriage ceremonies within Australia and a variety of states within the USA.

Now if you’re ready for a romantic journey and creating many beautiful memories on your totally legal, Australian wedding day, I’m ready to help make your dream come true.

Bride, Groom and Celebrant
Asian Couple Aussie Wedding
White Wedding Party and Celebrant selfie
Butterfly Wedding COMPRESSED.jpg

Edzel & Maria


Steve King is an absolute legend! We contacted him, almost in the last minute, to help us out with our intimate wedding celebration. He has been of tremendous help since Day 1, guiding us through the entire process ensuring everything will run as smoothly as possible. He was a wealth of information, providing us with much needed resources to guide us in every aspect of the wedding event from the pre-wedding checklists, in the drafting and reviewing of our vows, assistance with the filing of paperwork, goodness - he even hosted the event itself. We met up with him on several occasions prior to the wedding and he was always right on time, despite the distance of our place from his. We sincerely could not have found a better celebrant. Reach out to him, and watch your wedding blues and worries fade away.

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