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I'm based in Melbourne and I'd like to meet you at your favourite coffee shop. 

But if can't make it for a cuppa, that first meeting can be held via Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, or Messenger.


We will chat about what you’re planning for your wedding and you can ask me as many questions as you like.


If we’re a good fit for each other, our next step is to fill out a couple of forms. 


The first will be a booking form and the second will be the Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM).

If we are not meeting in person, the form will be emailed to you and I will guide you on how to fill out the form, then you’ll need to sign the NOIM in front of a JP, GP, police officer, or solicitor or barrister as your authorised witness.


Once witnessed, the next step is to lodge it with me, you can scan and email it or you can take a photo of it and send it to me, what you can't do is just show me it on Zoom or the like.


By law, it will take one month from the date I receive it before I can marry you.


When I receive the NOIM and the booking form I will send an invoice for the non-refundable booking fee. Once paid, I’ll confirm your wedding day in my diary and invoice you for the balance which will be due two weeks before your wedding.


✅ Two pre-wedding meetings

      including signing of the NOIM

✅ As many emails and phone

     calls as needed


✅ Choice of a number of

     standard ceremonies for your


✅ Inclusion of personalised vows

     if you wish or use of pre-

     written vows


✅ Copy of both my wedding

     planning checklist and budget

     planning checklist to help you

     plan your wedding

✅ Conduct a mid-length, legal

     wedding ceremony

✅ Use of my professional quality

     sound system

✅ Printed presentation copy of

      your marriage certificate


✅ Completion and lodgement of

     all legal paperwork within 24         hours

Optional copies of the                   Official Certificate of Marriage

     issued by BDM sent to your             home address in Australia or           overseas

     (from $80 extra each including        express postage)


     Travel over 100km is not

     included in this price and will

     be charged as an extra


Our first meeting will be the booking/NOIM meeting, our second is a week or so before the wedding to go over the final details

Whenever you need me, want to discuss anything, or just need to bounce an idea, I'm here for you, just email or call

I have an extensive collection of ceremony styles for you to choose from, half the fun is to mix and match to your own personal tastes

Vows are the centre of any wedding and I have a great library of vows to help with ideas

I understand it can be stressful planning a wedding which is why I've created two invaluable budget and wedding planning checklists

The Short & Sweet wedding is designed to run about 15 to 20 mins with around 20 - 40 people. 

My PA system is designed to cater to 125 people outdoors, so if you have music you'd like to play via bluetooth, it will be heard. 

The presentation certificate is a statement that you are married. However, it has very little legal status when it comes to providing ID

There is quite a lot of paperwork to be lodged with Births, Deaths and Marriages. Once lodged it could take BDM a month or more to fully register your marriage on the system, but as soon as I know, you'll know

If you need to prove your ID to change your details such as passport, drivers license, home loan or any other purpose, you will need an official copy of your certificate from BDM


Joey K.

We had the most amazing time with Steve. We got to know him and he got to know us to have the ceremony exactly the way we wanted in ways we never even thought about. My wife and myself come from countries that aren't Australia, so we may have been all over the place with the way we wanted the wedding to be. It felt so personal and the whole time Steve was approachable, patient and friendly. We cannot recommend him enough! Plus, Steve has been one of the most interesting people we have ever met in our lives.

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