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COVID is over! Let's get Married

The moment you get engaged, your thoughts about your wedding day start to take shape, including who you would want to stand by your side on your big day.

Picking your wedding party is an essential part of wedding planning, and it's crucial to ask them at the right time. Timing is everything when it comes to asking your loved ones and close friends to be in your wedding party. Here are some tips on when's the best time to pop the question to your closest friends and family members.

Don't rush it

While it's exciting to start planning your wedding right after getting engaged, it's best to wait a little before asking your wedding party to be a part of your special day. It's essential to take some time to reflect on who you want to be in your wedding party, so don't rush it. It's best to wait a couple of months after getting engaged before asking your wedding party, so you have time to plan and organize your big day.

Plan your wedding first

Before you ask your wedding party to be a part of your big day, it's imperative to have a solid plan for your wedding. Make sure you have an idea of where and when the wedding will take place, what you'll need from your wedding party, like dresses and suits, and what roles they will play on your special day. Having concrete plans will make it easier for you to ask your wedding party, and they'll be able to make educated decisions about accepting your offer.

Choose the right moment

Asking someone to be in your wedding party is a big deal, and it's essential to do it with the right kind of energy and enthusiasm. Ideally, it would be best to ask your wedding party when you're all together or have a one-on-one conversation. It's important to choose the right moment when you're all relaxed and happy so that you can celebrate together. Don't ask your wedding party when you or they are stressed out or in a bad mood.

Give them plenty of notice

Before asking your wedding party to be a part of your big day, it's crucial to give them plenty of notice, so they have time to plan accordingly. If you're planning a destination wedding or require your wedding party to wear specific attire, it's imperative to give them plenty of notice so they can make travel arrangements and order their attire. Giving your wedding party at least six months' notice will give them plenty of time to prepare.

Overall, there's no wrong time to ask your wedding party to be a part of your big day. However, it's best to wait a little, plan your wedding first, choose the right moment, and give them plenty of notice. Remember, your wedding party is there to celebrate your love and make your day special, so it's essential to ask them with love, respect, and enthusiasm.

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