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Love will overcome

In a world where love is often inhibited by social and cultural norms, it is heartening to hear stories of couples who refuse to give up on what they truly believe in. A same-sex couple residing in Singapore recently searched high and low for a top marriage celebrant who can officiate their wedding. After scouring the world, they finally found the perfect match, in Melbourne.

The reason why the couple went the extra mile to find a marriage celebrant is that same-sex marriage is still illegal in Singapore. Luckily, they could be legally married in Australia or New Zealand, as the couple felt it was important to have a wedding ceremony to declare their love for each other. And thus, their journey to find a celebrant began.

They looked for marriage celebrants across both Australia and New Zealand, but none of them seemed to fit the bill. That was until they stumbled upon a celebrant based in Melbourne, It seemed as an Equality Marriage Celebrant, that I ticked all the boxes. The couple immediately contacted me, and after a few phone calls, they knew I was the one.

Despite being based in Melbourne, the couple didn't let that deter them. They planned a day trip to Melbourne, got married, and then flew to New Zealand for their honeymoon. It was a truly magical moment for them, who had been together for years, waiting for the opportunity to celebrate their love openly.

The couple’s story is a testament to the lengths to which some people will go to have their love acknowledged and respected by society. Their love might not be recognized in their home country, but that did not stop them from finding a way to honor their union.

They regarded me as an example of how important it is to have allies and advocates who believe in equal rights for all. By creating a safe and supportive environment for the couple, I helped make their dream of a wedding ceremony a reality.

In a world where love knows no boundaries, I’ve always been someone who’s willing to go above and beyond to support LGBTQ+ couples and their right to love. The couple’s journey to find a marriage celebrant may have been long and convoluted, but in the end, it was worth it. They found a celebrant who believed in love and helped them celebrate it in a way that was true to who they are.

Sadly, like to many countries around the world, same-sex marriages are still illegal in Singapore, which it why I have blurred the photo.

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