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Let's have a Winter Wedding

Spring and summer are traditionally the wedding seasons but there are plenty of reasons to get married in winter.

For starters, venues and suppliers are usually easier to find and could be cheaper during off-peak season.

Yeah, all well and good, you say, but who wants to drive in the rain or stand in the cold outdoors? Fair enough, these should be your first thoughts (apart from picking me as your Celebrant, of course).

But there are ways to make your winter wedding a great success.

Winter wardrobe wows

Winter fashions are so much more fun than summer. Think gorgeous heavy wedding dresses that won’t blow away - those longer sleeves, layered fabrics, maybe a little fur or feathers, lots of sparkle. For the guys, you just gotta love the sheer elegance of a ¾ or even full length coat. You and your wedding party want to be comfortable especially if you are outside for ceremony or photos. The guys will be a lot happier in their suits in winter than on a hot summer day.

Winter Wedding Wardrobe

Let the colour and light shine

Winter is the time to make things bright and cheerful. Choose strong colours for flowers and decorations or have lots of gold sparkling or masses of candles and mirrors. Make the whole day shine whatever the weather.

Create the right mood with the perfect decoration

Create a warm and fuzzy feel

No matter how much your friends love you and want to be at your wedding, getting cold is no fun. If your ceremony is outdoors, why not supply a few woollen throws for guests to wrap up in. One of my favourite things about winter is hot mulled wine, a great drink after the ceremony.

Bellinzona By Night

Pick one great venue

How about having the ceremony and reception at the same venue? This means no extra travel for your guests – and if the venue has accommodation, even better, your guests can stay overnight. Without the hassle of travel they will be able to relax between the ceremony and reception. Choose somewhere with a warm, cosy atmosphere, perhaps with fireplaces. How romantic!

Keep warm and cosy

Say “I do” at the best time

Many places in Australia have perfect weather for winter weddings. In Victoria (where I’m based) and Tasmania, however, it can and does get cold quickly. So if you’re going to have an outside ceremony or your venue has a fabulous view and you want it in a setting to remember forever, consider having a lunchtime wedding. Your ceremony and reception should be during the warmest and brightest part of the day. If you are inviting older friends and relatives, they will thank you. Remember you can always continue into the night indoors near that romantic fireplace.

Yes, winter weddings have lots of benefits. A wonderful, colourful, happy day in the middle of the coldest months is unforgettable for all who attend while you head off to the sun for your honeymoon.

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